Answers to some common questions

Our Tours

Carcassonne is a compact and relatively safe city. Our tours take you off the beaten track, but remain close to landmarks.

Booking a Tour

We look forward to meeting you, in person, at Carcassonne. Tours should be booked and confirmed online, in advance.

What to Bring

Preparing for your tour is the first step toward having an enjoyable time. Know what to expect and plan accordingly.

Our Tours

At present, Carcassonne Photography Tours offer three major experiences, taking you across into the historic Citadel, or through the popular New Town (Ville Basse) or across the entire city. We invite you to check the details of these out by clicking this link. We are able to offer bespoke tours of Carcassonne, and beyond the city, to groups. Please contact us for more details.

Carcassonne Photography Tours run throughout the year, respecting that visitors to the city come at any time. We begin tours in the morning, at 9am or 10am. Check our tour webpages to see availability, and book a place with us.

As well as being one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, Carcassonne is also one of the safest. However, we do recommend that you observe vigilance, in particular, since you are likely to be carrying camera equipment. Attendees are responsible for loss or damage of their equipment while on the tour, as well as for accidents, and no liability rests with Carcassonne Photography Tours.

With the beautiful city of Carcassonne as our backdrop, we will look at the core elements of photography, and discuss the fundamental principles of a camera. We will take as many opportunities as possible to put into practice those things we had discussed. Tours are suitable for absolute beginners, through to enthusiastic amateur photographers.

Nothing, either about photography or Carcassonne! We hope to introduce you to both, and that you will leave us passionate and enthused. However, you’ll want to look through the rest of this FAQ (and, in particular, the ‘What to Bring’ section, below).

We don’t. Since we’ll be walking from location to location, and since Carcassonne can expect warm weather, we recommend that you bring a bottle of water with you. Our tours offer a short comfort break, for you to purchase refreshments if needed. 

Carcassonne Photography Tours guide you through the streets of a relatively busy city. At times we will, with our equipment, cross cobbled ground, and walk on an incline. We recommended that you should feel able to walk in this environment across the duration of the tour. Tours are unsuitable for wheelchairs, and we recommend that they are unsuitable for young children and child buggies. If in doubt, please contact us.

Booking a Tour

Easy. Check the details of the tour that you’d like to attend, by visiting our tour webpage, and choose the available date that suits you, in the calendar on the page. We offer discounts for parties of more than one. We recommend that you make payment online, through PayPal. Alternatively, you can pay the guide, in cash, at the start of the tour. That being said, our aim is to offer you an enjoyable and meaningful tour, and we look forward to doing so. If you prefer, tours can be booked through Airbnb and Expedia

Yes. Your contact details are received and stored safely and securely on our servers. We will occasionally send you news and updates about Carcassonne Photography Tours, but will never pass your details to third parties. Electronic payment is processed, from our website, through secure PayPal software, and your banking details are not passed to us, by them, or to others.

No problem. If you know the tour and date, then book the tour and add the details of the recipient into the comments section of the booking before making payment. Alternatively, you can purchase a gift certificate to the value of a tour place, and the recipient may enter the gift code received into their booking details, when ready to choose. If in doubt, contact us.

Yes. We can create bespoke photography tours for you, of Carcassonne, or of the surrounding area. Contact us with ideas, and we’ll see what we can do.

We love to know that you enjoyed your experience with us. If you did, we ask that you let the world know about it, by leaving a review on TripAdvisor or, if you’ve booked through either of them, on Expedia or Airbnb. We’ll share the best here, on the website!

An Important Note About Photography

Good photographers are always respectful of their surroundings. We therefore ask that, when attending our tours, those joining us take into account the places we visit and the people we see. Carcassonne remains a lively and active place, even in Winter months. We believe that it is one of the most picturesque places in Europe, and a deserving background for engaging in the principles of photography. We expect that all members of the tour group should be mindful, and as such, should aim to leave our environment as we found it and not knowingly cause damage or disruption. Although, throughout the tour, we will occupy public spaces, attendees should be conscious of photography subjects, and take full responsibility for their representation and distribution. Carcassonne Photography Tours claim no copyright or moral responsibility for images, audio or video taken by tour members.

What to Bring

If you have a Digital SLR camera (for example, a Canon, Sony or Nikon), and are happy for it to accompany you on the tour, bring it. You’ll take a lot from discussions, and will be able to relate best what we cover. If you have a ‘point and shoot’, where lenses can’t be swapped over, that’s great – you’re going to take a good deal from your time with us. If you have a smartphone with camera, bring it. Oftentimes shots can be as strong when taken on a phone as on a DSLR, since the principles of photography still broadly apply.

In short, whether yours is a dedicated camera, or a simple phone, you’ll enjoy your time with us. If in doubt, contact us.

We anticipate that you will want to bring a backpack, or something similar, to carry everything.

You should pack as little as possible, in particular, because we’ll be walking across the city for some time! Do ensure that your camera has sufficient battery power (you may wish to bring extra batteries if using a DSLR), and only bring additional equipment, such as a tripod, if you would like to – only the camera is necessary.

You’ll want to dress for the season. In the summertime, when rain is a rare event, something along the lines of shorts and a shirt are suitable. Ensure that you are protected against the sun – bring a hat, and use sun cream.

In other seasons, you may wish to pack a light waterproof coat, just in case!

Comfortable footwear is a must. Since we’ll be walking across cobbled streets and on inclines, sandals, and shoes will little grip, are not recommended. Breathable, light shoes may be more suitable. If in doubt, contact us.

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