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An Instagrammer's Guide
to Carcassonne

Calling all Instagrammers. This is the photo tour for you!
Join us for a walk through the Ville Basse area of Carcassonne, as we pick up the hidden secrets of photography, and begin to apply them to how you use Instagram.
This tour is ideal for those just starting out with photography and who wish to improve their knowledge and skills.
You'll need to bring a camera or smartphone, and an Instagram account.

25 Euros/person
DSLR or Smartphone Around 120 minutes English

You, Instagram and Carcassonne - Tour in English

Ideal for enthusiastic Instagrammers, wanting to better pictures. Just bring you and your DSLR or smartphone, and your Instagram account, and have fun. Put to one side the Citadel, where you'll find most visitors to Carcassonne, and discover the new town and La Bastide, areas which, for centuries, have been at the centre of commercial, liberal and artisan life. Our journey together moves from the internationally renowned train station, along the UNESCO-awarded Canal du Midi, and into the backstreets of this unique place. Bring your camera - a digital SLR or smartphone - and bring your imagination. Over two hours, we'll move between stunning locations, discussing and trying out photo composition, framing, and the core elements of what it means to take a beautiful photograph. We offer discounts for Seniors and Students, highlighted below. Tours run with between 2 and 8 attendees.

Bring Your Own Camera - Smartphone or DSLR

You don't need to bring along an expensive, flashy camera. On this tour the New Town and La Bastide will act as backdrops to discuss, and try out, the core elements of great photography.

Experienced and Friendly Guidance

Your guide on the New Town and La Bastide Photography Tour is Laurence Patterson, a highly experienced and energetic photographer. He'll work with you to improve your knowledge of photography, and offer opportunities to try things out.

English Spoken Throughout

With opportunities to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss themes of photography, this tour is perfect for everything - from enthusiastic beginners to the more confident.

Come Prepared and Leave Happy

This tour takes place across Carcassonne's New Town. While we'll find opportunities to look up to la Cité, we won't step foot in la Bastide or the Citadel. Our pace is light but those attending should wear comfortable shoes, and expect cobbled, hilly streets. We'll take a 10-minute comfort break, with an opportunity to use toilet facilities, but we advise you bring water.

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Pricing Chart

Choose the type of ticket below that's right for you. Note that we'll ask you for I.D. before the tour starts.

Age 60+
  • Core Elements of Photography
  • Full Guided Walkthrough
  • Opportunities to Ask Questions
  • English-Spoken
  • Core Elements of Photography
  • Full Guided Walkthrough
  • Opportunities to Ask Questions
  • English-Spoken
Students/Young People
Age Under 23
  • Core Elements of Photography
  • Full Guided Walkthrough
  • Opportunities to Ask Questions
  • English-Spoken

Trip Itinerary

We'll walk the streets of Carcassonne New Town and La Bastide together, along a proposed path, stopping on a number of occasions for your guide to discuss themes and present the history of your location. At each stop, you'll be encouraged to put learning into practice. Times below are for guidance only, and the tour may deviate from this route a little.

Approx 10:00 AM - Carcassonne Train Station
At the start. We begin the tour at the gateway for many – Carcassonne Train Station (Gare de Carcassonne). Those attending are advised to arrive ten minutes before the start. Paid parking is available in the Train Station Car Park.

Approx 10:10 AM - Promenade de Canal
Photography of Water. A brief walk along the Canal du Midi opens up the opportunity to discuss the general fundamentals of photography, to introduce the city, and one of the best views in Carcassonne, across the Canal du Midi.

Approx 10:25 AM - Pont Marengo
Photography of Perspective #1 We look back across where we came from, in one direction, and down towards the new town in the other, and consider shot framing and composition, as we record the moment.
Approx 10:40 AM - Place Carnot
Photography of Urban Life. For centuries, the focal point of the new town, Carnot is almost always a bustling and lively place, but striking, too, for its beautiful and unique buildings, fountain, and restaurants.
Approx 11:00 AM - BREAK
We’ll give ourselves around 10 minutes to rest, grab refreshment, and use the toilet facilities, before moving on.
Approx 11:25 AM - Portail Des Jacobins
Photography of the Abstract. We move through the only remaining gate of Carcassonne and look back from where we have come, before moving forwards into beautiful park and pedestrian space. Here we look at how to construct an abstract shot, and commit to creating one of our own.
Approx 11:40 AM - Jardin Bellevue
Photography of Perspective #2 We walk upon one of the most satisfying Citadel views in Carcassonne and, as this presents a classic photographic opportunity, we discuss setup, framing and position.
Approx 12:00 AM - Pont Vieux
The close of our tour. The Pont Vieux connects the new town of Carcassonne to la Bastide. As we move away from the new town, our final opportunity for photography sees us looking down to the River Aude, and up to the Citadel. This is the perfect place to continue your afternoon wander up-hill.

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“Absolutely enjoyable! Me and my wife did love it since the very first minute. Even if you don't have an extensive knowledge about photography you'll be delighted by Carcassone, its story and its beautiful places, always behind the lens of your camera.”
Bernat and Irma
Photography Adventurers
“I would highly recommend this course. You have a wide knowledge of Carcassonne and delivered this short tour of areas to photograph very well. Fantastic !”
Photography Adventurer

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